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09 September 2011 @ 02:55 pm
MatsuJun no B-Day  
Hi everyone ^^

We know that over one week ago my dear and loved Jun Matsumoto had his 28th birthday.
I wish him all the best as always and a chance to meet me :D
I write about it now because I had a very busy week but I didn't forget about my いちばんのお誕生日 (*^^)^*) ☆Chu!!

I've met with my best friend monyka_chan last friday. Coz we both love Jun and GD and both of them had birthday recently (Jun - 30th Aug. and GD - 18th Aug.).
Firstly we've been playing nintedo wii "just dance". It was fun :) I even won once ^^ This game reminds me of Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night". They play this game in this mv :)
Then we watched  "Haru ~ An Unforgettable Day in Korea ~". There are BIG BANG, Kim Bum and Yunho. We wtached it just for them but this movie is cool. Later, we watched "SNSD - Girls Generation Arena Tour 2011 Concert"  but we've out-talked the whole video xD We've noticed only few songs like "GENIE", "Gee" and "Bad Girl" (my beloved song from last japanese album) .. and "Mr. Taxi" for sure :D We watched "SNSD - Into the new world concert". It was cool and funny even though we don't know some songs. Girl's solos were good. Of course I like SooYoung's solo "Santa Baby". She is so skinny I'd like to look like her :)

Then we want to watch GD's concert "Shine a Light" but it was unfortunatelly broken so we couldn't watch it .. again ... But Nee-chan said she's already download an avi version of this concert. So I hope we will finally watch the whole GD's concert :D Especially he is planning to make a solo comeback this fall :D I'm so happy about that <3
And after all of this ... we watched TaeYang's concert "SOLAR". It is said that it's 18+. It was amazing :) Especially when Tae pick up a girl from the audience.  But it was 4 a.m. so I was so sleepy so after this we go to bed :)
This b-day party was cool and funny. Instead of this we didn't watch Arashi concert we watched Aiba and Sho date ... it was HnA ? I don't remember :/

This night wasn't only about Jun and GD ... but I prepared a cake with candles and we blew out them at the midnight ^^ and we made a wish conected with MatsuJun and GD :)
So to my MatsuJun and GD ... happy birthday and all the best ポッ(*゚.゚)(゚.゚*)ポッ

And I think I'm gonna to end my post :)

I'd like to share with you with my favourite song from Girls' Generation album "BAD GIRL" :) They released this mv this August. I start to think that August was a kind of special month :D

Annyung :*
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